A year ago the magazine I work for sent me to Vietnam to cover a story about a beautiful project named “Project Feel Good”. 
The project aims at helping kids from the orphanage of HoChiMin, and soon it will be extended also to Hanoi. It took me only three days with the kids to fill my heart with love and to desire to take action an do something more for them.

So I made a clear promise to myself: one day i would have gone back to them. 
Exactly one year later my dream became true and i managed to spend a whole month in Vietnam. I visited several orphanages and remote villages around the North and South of Vietnam, boosted by the desire of sharing the story of all those beautiful souls through my photography.


Water is a strong element in my personal life journey. 
I always feel the urge to be close to water. It can be a river, a lake or the ocean. It doesn’t really matter. Water has the power of calming me down. Its essence gives me peace and helps me seeing things the right way. 
Over the course of my life, many people told me that I have water running into my eyes. Those who know me say that my soul is like water: it can quietly smooth the rocks and find its way through. 

In Vietnam I found myself again, thanks to all the people who inspired me to be a stronger person. they have so little, but every day they still find a way to survive and to smile to life.

The images are on sale, all proceeds raised from sales will be donated to charity, “Project Feel Good” and to “The River People”, a small community in Vietnam that is in great need of our help.

Cameras: Hasselblad XPan | YashicaMat | Canon 5 MarkII