Monica is an Italian Photographer suspended between two worlds: she grew up in the cold weather of the north of the country, but her roots, her passion and her family belongs to the warm lands of Sicily. 

She graduated at the European Institute of Design in Milan. She has been practicing photography and digital post-production for the last 10 years with a special focus on Portrait, Reportage and “Daily Life Pictures”.

Boosted by the desire of adventure, Monica decided to make a major change in her life by moving to Australia in 2010. She is part of those 1 million “young brains” who left Italy and went looking for a better future in the kangaroo land.

She is currently working as a Photographer in Sydney.

Since she was young, Monica developed a strong passion for shooting in film with her vintage camera collection. Wherever she goes, she brings one of her cameras with her, aiming at capturing the perfect fragment of reality.

The whole process of shooting with film feeds her desire of images. It’s the wait before the result. It’s the pleasure of playing with fantasy and imagining how the picture is going to look like. It’s the suspense between the click and the print. It’s the invisible thread of time that links her to photographers of the past. And then, when the sun is caressing the shore of Bronte, it’s about spending time in a ‘dark room’ developing and printing black and white film. 

The result is always surprising, just as life. 


Curious and shy. That's me.

I am curious to hear people's stories that I bump into walking on the street, to discover what is behind their eyes and smile.

Photography is the only way I know to defeat my shyness and talk to people.

' Life is simple, so is my photography '