THIRSTY : Photo exhibition for Head On Photo Festival 2013

I use to say that "I am always thirsty", thirsty for Love, thirsty for Stories, thirsty for People...

The first time I met Sahaj, I was in a really difficult moment of my life. We bumped into each other during a dress up party in the bush. There were a lot of life and laughter, but I was feeling lonely. I sat down in front of a campfire and there he was. We exchanged few words and then day by day we start to talk and became friends. I spent few days with him in St.Albans,90km North West of Sydney, in a remote land where he is living. Lots of stories, meditation and walking around. I began to understand my loneliness, I learnt a lot from Sahaj and from his magic Land.

' Life would seem to be a journey of miracles and misfortunes, whatever else might be, it's a mystery. And who would want to know it's course in advance, it would be a very uninteresting experience. Alone, sometimes lonely, sometimes at perfect peace with myself and the universe '. Sahaj